There exists a popular belief that stopping the wheel can impact the outcome of a online slot game. Many people really think that such an approach works and will help them win the prize. Sometimes, you can hear such an argument even from experienced gamblers. Surely, it is difficult to understand how people with many years of experience in the gambling industry can take ordinary city legends for granted. Meanwhile, the fact that such misconceptions still exist means that we have to pay more attention to this problem. In this article, we will debunk the legend about stopping the wheel as a useful method to increase your chances of winning in slots. We will also explain how this pattern works in diverse types of machines.

Understanding the work of standard slot machines

Most slots fall under the category of Class III machines or the so-called Vegas-type slots. The key point in gambling with such machines is to receive the appropriate combination of symbols on the screen after pressing the “start” button. Everything seems to be quite simple, and an ordinary player may think that stopping the wheels at the right moment will help him or her receive the right combination. In reality, the combination is decided right at the moment you push the “start” button. It is automatically generated by a random number generator (RNG), which plays the central role in any slot machine. According to this principle, the machine only launches an animation that presents the preliminary decided outcome on the wheels. In other words, the screen displays a result that has been determined a few seconds ago.

In Class III slot machines, there is literally no chance that the stopping of the wheels will impact your outcome. It will only speed up the animation and allow you to save a few seconds before you see a final result. Surely, such an animation speed-up may be deceptive. It can assure gamblers that do not clearly understand the principles according to which slot machines have an impact on the game.

Stopping the wheels in other types of slot machines

In recent years, non-standard types of slot machines are becoming increasingly popular in the casino industry. You may be familiar with slots that work according to the “Bingo” principle. Is it quite similar to the traditional slot machine pattern. After all, the key point is still to get a winning combination on the screen. If you think that you can decide the outcome of such games by pressing the right button at the right moment, we have to disappoint you one more time. “Bingo” slot machines are also governed by a random number generator, which decides the outcome of a round before you see it on the screen. In this case, pressing the buttons in order to stop a slot machine at the right moment can also bring you to self-deception.
Surely, the gambling industry is constantly evolving. It means that there may appear new types of slot machines. Some of them really give players chances to affect the outcome. In such skill-based games, you may expect that stopping the wheels at the right moment will bring you a prize. Unfortunately, such an approach undermines the main principle of slots, which is complete reliance on luck. It is why you may have problems with finding such slot machines, especially if you want to play for real money.

So, is there any reason in stopping the wheels in slot machines?

No, if you play standard or common slots, there is absolutely no reason to try affecting the outcome of a game. A random number generator decides your prize, and you only have to rely on your luck in such games. The only point about stopping the wheels is that it can help you save some time. Still, do you even need it? Most experienced gamblers say that patience is an essential component of success when it comes to slot machines. It means that while playing in haste, you may just lose your confidence and start making faulty decisions. And, for sure, you should avoid any type of self-deception. Only the most confident and informed player can raise real money with pokies.

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