Minimum Deposit Casino

Aussies love gambling, but nobody loves losing thousands of dollars. That’s why low stakes casinos are so popular in Australia. You may not be able to win that much with a minimum deposit, but the best online casino Australia 2021 that lets you deposit as little as $10, $5 or $1 minimum deposit won’t become boring because of that.

If you’re looking for casino sites that welcome low-rollers, pick any from the list you see on this page have a great time while playing in online pokies. If you want to learn more about gambling at these casinos, read the article.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about maximizing both winnings and fun.

Please note that Australian players cannot deposit less than A$15 using Credit Cards. If you want to deposit $A10 or less, use Neosurf or Bitcoin instead.

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How to make the most of a minimum deposit

Over 6 million Aussies are regular gamblers. Very few of them are millionaires. Governmental research shows that most people don’t spend more than A$1000 for gambling per year. This goes to show that despite the media accusing Aussies of blowing huge sums of money on pokies, most of us are responsible, sane people, who love pokies for the thrill and know when to cut the losses.

This is why so many gamblers choose low minimum deposit casinos. It gives them the possibility to enjoy themselves with low risk and at a low price. It’s a great and sensible way to gamble and no gambler should ashamed of not blowing all their savings on pokies.

However, depositing so little may present some complications. Here’s what you have to do to maximize your minimum deposit.

Choose the best bonus deal

When you make a deposit as small as A$10, you know it’s not going to last that long. Even if you’re playing penny slots, it would only last you a thousand spins. Sure, you will win some, so your tenner can go a long way, but only the lucky few will be able to grow it into a fortune.

Since you’re not getting a lot of money during the deposit, you can choose the casino that offers the best bonus deal. Almost every casino offers bonuses, but all of these bonuses are vastly different. You have to find the one that works best for your deposit.

First, look at the Australian no-deposit casinos. Sure, if you’re making a deposit at a $1 AUD minimum deposit casino, you may as well risk a buck and test it. But it’s always better to test a casino risk-free before you start gambling there.

The next thing to look for is the number of free spins you get. Normally, you receive a certain number of free spins no matter how much you deposit. This bonus applies to all players, so if the casino offers you 100FS, both low and high-rollers will get the same amount. Note that some casinos only offer free spins for specific pokies, not for all of them. You want to get the maximum freedom with free spins.

Then, pay close attention to the welcome bonus. Most Australian casinos show the high limit of the bonus to impress new gamblers. It’s easy to fall for it because when you see “A$5,000 when you deposit” written in large letters on the landing page of a casino, your rational mind shuts down and your hands reach for the wallet.

However, it’s not that easy. Few, if any casinos will actually give you A$5,000 if you deposit A$10. The way this works is the casino matches your deposit. The sum you see is the highest limit. The thing you want to be looking for is the match-up percentage. Normally, this percentage varies from 50% to 200%, with some minimum deposit casinos offering a staggering 500% match-up.

You need to find a casino that offers a big match-up percentage, no matter how big is the maximum bonus sum. If the minimum deposit casino offers $A5,000 at 50% match-up, you’ll only get A$15 total if you deposit a tenner. If it offers a maximum of A$200 at 200%, you’ll get A$30 for the same deposit.

Next on the list are the constant deals. If you’re a low-roller, you won’t deposit a lot of money once. You’ll deposit the minimum deposit lots of times. This is why you should look for casinos that give you the opportunity to get bonuses all the time, not only during the first couple of deposits.

Minimum deposit casinos like these will offer weekly deals like giving a 100% match-up deposits on Tuesdays or straight up gifting you some free spins each week. If a casino offers something like that, you know it’s a good choice.

The last thing on your checklist is the withdrawal requirements. Every casino has these requirements set in place, they prevent gamblers from making a withdrawal right after depositing. Most casinos will require you to deposit at least 10 times the bonus sum. Normally, that number is up to 30.

This means if you get A$20 in bonus money, and the playthrough requirements are x30, you’ll have to bet A$600 on pokies to be able to make a withdrawal. It seems too much, and for someone who only gambles once in a while, it can be. If you don’t want to put up with these requirements, go for the minimum deposit casino with the lowest withdrawal requirements on the list.

Choose the right payment method

Now, you’ve accounted for the bonus system of the casino you’re going to play. The next thing you have to factor in is the payment method. The high-rollers have a devil-may-care attitude towards the payment method as the fees are not an issue. However, the low-rollers should be careful when choosing what you’re using to deposit. In some cases, like the wire transfer, the fees can be bigger than the sum you’re wiring.

When you’re looking for the right payment method to use at minimum deposit casinos, you need to look for three main things. The first is the fees. You want to look for a payment method that charges the lowest fees. The next thing on the list is the minimum sum you can wire. Lastly, you need to look for bonuses you can get when paying with this payment method.

Some casinos offer small bonuses for Aussie gamblers who use a specific payment method. If you find one, you’ll get 5-10% more upon your deposit.

If you want to learn more about the best payment methods for minimum deposit casinos, scroll down to the next subheading.

When you account for these two factors, the last thing you’re left to do is to look for a minimum deposit casino that combines them and has a great collection of pokies. You could do your own research, but you probably know how hard it is to find the right casino from thousands of casinos that accept Aussie players.

This is why CasinoHEX experts try their best to find casinos for you. The casinos you see on this page and on this list have our full confidence, and it’s earned, not given. All of them have an impeccable reputation among gamblers and score high on all the tests our experts have put them through. Here are our top 5 picks.

Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino is one of the oldest under $5 AUD minimum deposit casinos out there. It was launched way back in 2002 and still has a great reputation among gamblers. You can deposit as little as you want and have a great time. You’ll get a 100% match-up bonus and 80 spins upon registration and making an account. Once you do that, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy over 600 top-tier slots from Microgaming.

If you’re a fan of this game developer, you should give this casino a look.


PlayAmo is a great choice for both high and low-rollers. It does offer a great A$6,000 maximum bonus, but the minimum deposit is A$10. For that deposit, you’ll get another A$10 in bonus money and a hundred free spins on Lucky Lady Clover. The following deposits will only grant you A$5 in bonus money and up to 50 free spins on other pokies.

But that’s not how this casino attracts new gamblers. It’s PlayAmo’s collection of over 2000 pokies from the best game developers that makes most Aussies choose this casino.

Kahuna Casino

Kahuna is an international casino that welcomes Aussie gamblers. If you decide to join, you’ll get another A$10 on top of the minimum deposit and 10 free spins on each of the first ten deposits. Each time you spend A$10 on pokies, you earn 1 Exploration Point. Gather a hundred of them, and you can turn them into A$1000 worth of bonus money. Now, that’s something you can explore each one of the 1200 pokies Kahuna offers.


At AussiePlay, you can get a 225% match-up welcome bonus for your A$10 deposit and 50 free spins that you can spend on Cash Bandits. It doesn’t end there, though. The casino often has special promotions only for the existing players that allow you to get up to 175% of match-up deposit bonuses and some free spins as well.

Planet 7 Oz

Test this Australian casino out with the 25 free spins they’re granting to every new player who creates an account. Like it? Make the minimal deposit of A$10, and you’ll get A$35 on top of that! That’s right, this casino has a huge 350% match-up bonus on the smaller deposits, and it can get up to 500% if you deposit more than that.

You’ll get to spend your bonus on more than 200 RTG pokies Planet 7 Oz hosts.

The Best Payment Methods For Minimum Deposit Casinos

The payment method is extremely important for an Aussie gambler who wants to get into low-stakes betting. Choose the wrong one, and you may be looking for more money on fees that you can afford. Here’s your guide to minimum deposit casino payment methods.

Credit/Debit Card

Paying with a credit card gives you a benefit few other payment methods can boast. If you have a Visa or MasterCard, you can gamble at any minimum deposit casino. All Aussie casinos accept both of these payment systems, you will be hard-pressed to find a casino that doesn’t. Get your credit card, adjust the internet purchases limit, and you can access any casino from the CasinoHEX list.

The exact fee may vary depending on your bank, but you won’t have to pay over 1.5%, with the average being around 1%. This means you will only pay a single cent for an A$10 deposit. Normally, you’ll add another A$0.5 for an online transaction, but that varies with the bank. Overall, you won’t pay over a dollar in fees, so it’s a cheap payment method.

With the speed and ease of use that Visa and MasterCard offer, you can say it’s perfect.

Bank Wire

Sending a bank wire takes longer and costs more than paying with a credit card. You probably won’t have to go to the bank to make an over the counter transfer since most Australian banks have decent internet banking. However, it takes time to process your bank wire transfers, and most casinos will only accept them for withdrawals, not deposits.

Consider the fact that the average bank transfer fee can be as high as A$30, and this leaves you with a payment method that is too cheap to use.


If you want to pay with your bank account, don’t start looking for alternatives just yet. There’s a payment method that may solve your problems. Poli is run by Australia Post and works with the biggest banks of Australia and New Zealand. It helps you make fast bank transfers between these banks with no fees.

That’s right, Poli doesn’t charge you a fee if you transfer to an Australian bank. With wire transfer fees so high, this difference can make or break your gambling experience. On the downside, though, you can only use this payment system at Australian casinos.


If you’ve never heard about Neosurf yet, the odds are you’ve probably seen it already. Look for white and purple logos on gas stations and retail shops, and you’ll spot it. Neosurf is sold all across Australia, even in the small towns.

It’s a prepaid card that you can buy for cash and use to make payments at minimum deposit casinos. It’s accepted at most Australian casinos, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to gamble.

It’s very easy to use, too. All you have to do is to pick up the voucher, scratch off the protective layer, and use the 16-digit code you find there to make a payment. It’s exactly like paying with your credit card, but without the expiration date and CVV code

The smallest voucher you can get is worth A$10. However, you’ll have to pay about one dollar as a fee to the vendor you’re buying it at. This makes it a bit more pricey than using credit cards. If you want to save money, you can buy a voucher for A$100 to use it multiple times, because the commission doesn’t increase that much the further up you go.

On the downside, you can’t withdraw money to a Neosurf card. You’ll have to use a wire transfer or credit card instead.


Paysafecard is another prepaid voucher you can use for online payments instead of your credit card. It’s not as widespread as Neosurf is, but you can find a Paysafecard voucher at pretty much any gas station. This makes it convenient enough for those Aussies who don’t live anywhere near the big cities. You can always pick up a voucher when you’re getting gas. Make sure not to buy it online, though. One of the major Paysafecard online vendors has tons of negative reviews and charges high fees. Go for a ride instead.

Now, Paysafecard minimum deposit casinos are not as widespread as Neosurf ones, but you can find plenty of them in Australia. You’ll be even more pleasantly surprised if you look for casinos that take this payment method in Europe. It’s more popular there, and many European casinos will welcome an Aussie.

The minimum voucher you can buy is worth A$5, but if your vendor charges too much of a fee, it’s not a good deal. If your local vendors charge A$1 or more on top of the voucher, you’d be better off choosing a higher denomination. You can use the same voucher multiple times, so you’re not really losing anything.


Are you a tech-savvy gambler? You may be interested in learning more about Bitcoin minimum deposit casinos. Many Australian and even more international casinos will be more than happy to receive a BTC deposit and send a withdrawal to your Bitcoin wallet. The average BTC transaction fee is not more than A$0.5, so it places Bitcoin right above credit cards in terms of cheap service. However, you’ll also pay an exchange fee for buying BTC at an exchange. This fee depends on the exchange you use but doesn’t exceed 1% in the majority of cases.

If you know how to use a BTC wallet, find an exchange that charges low fees, and can stomach 10 minutes of waiting, this could be your perfect payment method for minimum deposit casinos.

Best Casino Games To Win With Minimum Bets

You don’t need to bet A$100 a time to win. Mitigate the risks, and you can have a more fun time than the high-rollers. Here are the best games to enjoy for a low bet.

Low Stakes Roulette

Most people think roulette is a luxury game. It’s true, you won’t find a casino in Sydney that offers a bet less than A$5. It’s all different online, though. At the casinos from the list you see on this page, you can find roulette games that offer bets as low as A$0.1 per number. Make sure you check the game description before you start to play, though. If it states the lowest bet explicitly, you’re good to go.

To win at a low stakes roulette game, choose a European roulette because it has a lesser house edge. Also, consider betting in patterns like Jeu du Zero to maximize your chances of winning.

Budget Blackjack

This staple of casino gambling can be very cheap if you find the right casino. Enjoy it with bets as low as A$0.1 and polish your skill for the time you’re able to bet some more. Read the description carefully to make sure the stakes are low.

The most important thing to remember is to stop hitting when you have 17 or more. You’re more likely to win with this number of points than you are to get 21.

Minimum bet pokies

Many penny slots offer you to bet as little as A$0.1 per line, and some go even lower than that. All casinos from our list have these pokies, and you can enjoy yourself for a very long time with just a tenner on your account.

Do you want to bet low but win big? Find a good jackpot slot, and you will stand a chance of winning a jackpot even if you bet a cent at a time.

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Australian Minimum Deposit Casinos FAQ

What is the minimum deposit at Australian casinos?
The answer to this question depends on the casino in question. Most casinos have a minimum deposit of A$15. The casinos accepting Bitcoin or Neosurf allow you to make an A$10 deposit. Some even go as low as A$1.
Can I find casinos with no minimum deposit?
No, every casino has a minimum deposit. However, you can find casinos that have ridiculously low minimum deposits. If you find a casino that limits deposits at $1 AUD, do you really need to go any lower?
What are the best pokies for a $5 AUD deposit?
If you only have A$5 to spare, you’re looking at penny slots. These are the pokies that let you bet as low as A$0.1 per line, so your bill will last about 500 spins.
Can I get a welcome bonus with a minimum deposit?
That depends on the casino you choose. Some casinos have a minimum deposit of A$10, but will only give you a welcome bonus if you deposit A$20 or more. It’s not the case with the casinos on our list. Make a deposit at any of them, and you’ll get the welcome bonus.
Is it possible to win real money if I deposit $1 AUD?
It’s gambling, everything is possible if you’re lucky enough. Playing a penny slot with one dollar would give you a hundred spins, and that’s enough to win.